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Hour 1 - Intervention
Hour 2 - Plan
Hour 3 - Plan
Hour 4 - 7th Grade Math
Hour 5 - 7th Grade Math
Hour 6 - 8th Grade Math
Hour 7 - 8th Grade Math
Hour 8 - Tutorial
Hour 9 - Social Studies


“Did you do your homework?”

“Did you do all of your homework?”

I would say these are not the best questions to ask.  If I spend 20 seconds on homework that takes me 30 minutes, then yes I did my homework.  If I spend all 30 minutes just writing random things down without thinking, then yes I did all my homework.  In both cases here a child does not really get to practice anything they have learned.

“Can you show me what you practiced in school today?”

“Can you show me how to do this?”

Asking for someone to show you their knowledge is a much better way to see if they’re getting their work done.  These questions also help students to practice even more.

You can always help by asking questions that help people find their own solutions.

  • What information do you need to do this assignment?
  • Where can you find what information you need?
  • Where could you begin?
  • What do you need to do next?
  • Can you describe how you’re going to solve this problem?
  • How could you solve this problem?
  • How did you solve this problem?
  • What did you try that didn’t work?
  • Can you show me what information makes this answer seem right to you?
  • Can you tell me more about this part?